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Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions:

The FAQ for intermediaries can be found on the agent page.

The FAQ for suppliers can be found on the supplier page.

What is Scalerion?

Scalerion is a platform that helps to make products directly purchasable in the emotion - with the people and in the moments that inspire us. For this purpose, we connect providers of customer access and providers of goods - for completely new cooperations.

Who can use Scalerion?

Scalerion can be used both by suppliers, as providers of the goods, and by agents, who offer their customer access to suppliers in return for a commission. The end consumers, in turn, use Scalerion without any necessary installation and without prior registration for the actual purchase process.

How can a customer order an item?

Customers can initiate the purchase completely independently with their smartphone. To do this, customers can either scan the QR code of an item or receive a corresponding product link, for example via social media.

What are the QR codes and how are they used?

A QR code starts a purchase process, always linking the agent, a specific product and the supplier behind it. An agent can download his individual QR codes in his account for each of the suppliers connected to him.

From what distance can the QR codes be read?

Due to the now very good cameras of most smartphones, even scanning a small / distant QR code is no longer a problem.

Is installation or registration by the customer necessary?

No. A QR code or product link leads to a responsive website where the complete purchase can be made without installing an app or any necessary registration.

Can multiple items be ordered in one purchase?

Yes, additional QR codes can be scanned both from a product view and from the shopping cart. Alternatively, you can also jump to the product overview page of the agent at any time in order to add further items to the shopping cart there.

Does Scalerion also support purchases from different suppliers?

Yes. Scalerion provides a marketplace technology that allows mixed shopping carts with items from different suppliers.

How quickly can I get started with Scalerion as a manufacturer or intermediary?

Our intuitive platform makes it possible to get started very quickly - the initial registration and company registration as a supplier or agent can be completed within a few minutes.

What services does Scalerion offer?

Information management:
Suppliers and agents can initially network with each other and make the basic settings (products approved for intermediation and commission level).

Transaction management:
End customers can purchase products quickly and easily using a wide range of payment methods; commission is calculated automatically for the agent for each purchase.

Payment processing:
Scalerion collects the purchase amounts and distributes them according to the underlying commissions.

Settlement management:
Scalerion provides all parties with a transparent overview of revenues and credits.

What are the costs?

There are no initial setup costs for any party - the start with Scalerion is completely free of charge. For successful, i.e. non-returned orders, Scalerion receives a commission from the supplier. For agents and end customers, the use of Scalerion is completely free of charge.

How do I get support for questions or problems?

You can reach our support via our portal at - there you have the possibility to send us a corresponding request.

Scalerion for end customers
What are the requirements for a purchase through Scalerion?

You must have an Internet-enabled device, such as a smartphone, PC, or tablet. If you want to scan a QR code, the device must of course have a camera. For payment, of course, a corresponding means of payment must be available.

What is behind such a QR code?

A QR code links to a purchasable product and starts the actual buying process, as known from classic online shopping.

Do I need to register?

No. No registration is required for end users - you can start buying right away.

Where can I download the Scalerion app?

There is no such thing. The purchase starts in the browser of your device, e.g. on your smartphone. No registration, no download, no installation. Nothing. It's supposed to be easy.

Which of my data is required for the purchase?

During the purchase, personal data such as first name, last name and address are requested for billing and order processing. In addition, we need your email address for the transmission of the order confirmation.

How can I pay at Scalerion?

Payment can be made via credit card, direct debit and PayPal.

Who is the seller of the offered goods?

The details about the seller are listed in the item description as well as in the shopping cart and the order summary page. Of course, the order confirmation also contains all the information again.

What are the delivery costs?

This depends on the selected conditions of the corresponding supplier. If an order consists of articles from several suppliers, the delivery costs are added up accordingly. The information on this is clearly displayed during the ordering process.

Will I receive an order confirmation?

After placing his order, the customer receives an order confirmation from Scalerion with all details of the purchase.

Who creates the customer invoice?

The customer invoice is issued by the respective supplier.

Is it possible to pick up the goods?

This depends on the selected delivery options of the supplier. Basically, Scalerion supports the delivery of goods as well as the collection either from the intermediary or from the supplier itself.

Where can the pickup or delivery information be viewed?

These are displayed during the ordering process and can also be found again in the order confirmation.

What do I do if I am not satisfied with a purchased item?

Via the supplier, you have the option to return items to the supplier within the scope of the legal revocation options and receive a corresponding refund of the (partial) amounts for returned items.

I have questions about an item or a purchase?

In most cases, the agent should be able to help you - their contact details are also included in the order confirmation, for example. If you have a question about our platform, you can reach our support via our portal at - there you have the option to send us a corresponding request.

Onboarding of suppliers and merchants
How can I register my company with Scalerion?

At you can first register personally. Once this step is completed, you can log in and start registering your company.

Can I register more than one company with Scalerion?

You can store any number of companies within your account. These can be in the role of supplier or agent or even have both roles.

What information is needed to create a company?

In addition to the essential company data such as company address, contact details and VAT ID, information on the legal representative and valid bank details are required. You can also upload a company logo that will be displayed to other platform participants in our Connect module. Further supplier- or intermediary-specific information is explained in the respective FAQ sections.

How can I connect my company with others?

Via our Connect module you have the possibility to find companies of the respective other role and to link up with them. So, if you have selected the role of supplier for your company, companies in the role of merchants will be listed for you to link to.

Where can I find details of other companies?

In the Connect module you will find company and contact information for all companies.

What is the KYC process?

KYC stands for "Know Your Customer" and ensures that companies are sufficiently vetted in their role as a supplier to enable payments from end customers via the various payment methods.

Can I add more users to my account?

You can add as many users as you want through your account at any time.

I still have questions about onboarding - who can help me?

You can reach our support via our portal at  - there you have the possibility to send us a request for technical support or other questions.

How much is the commission paid by a supplier to its merchants?

Each supplier agrees the commission individually with each of its merchants. Of course, the commission can also be adjusted at any time.

What goes into calculating commissions?

For a purchase, all gross prices of the ordered items as well as any shipping costs incurred are included in the commission calculation. In the case of mixed baskets of goods, the agent therefore receives commissions from all suppliers involved according to the respective values of the goods.

As a supplier or merchant, how can I view my settled commissions?

In the Vouchers module, the settled commissions can be viewed and downloaded.

Who pays out the commissions to the merchants?

The payment to the merchants is made by Scalerion.

When will the commissions be paid?

The payouts are made on a weekly basis. For each purchase, it is first ensured that there are no returns, then the corresponding commissions are released for payout.

What happens to the commission in case of a return?

If an item is returned within the statutory return periods, no commission will be due for this item (should the original purchase contain further unreturned items, the calculated commission will of course be paid for these).

Does Scalerion receive a commission through the suppliers in case of a return?

No. Just like the merchants, Scalerion only receives the corresponding commission for successfully completed purchases.

I have questions about a commission statement - who can help me?

You can reach our support via our portal on - there you have the possibility to send us a request for commission settlements.